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At Instant Health we are known for our cutting edge digital health service solutions. We simplify health service provision through digitization and automation. One of our key services is the XMAP which is designed to revolutionize the way real-time X-ray reading and reporting are conducted.

In our inaugural year of engagement, we successfully delivered over 20,000 clinical diagnoses, X-ray readings, and reports utilizing 10 digital X-ray devices, specifically catering to users in Nigeria. Our multidisciplinary team comprises public health specialists, data scientists, and skilled software developer/engineers. We pride ourselves on fostering strategic partnerships with esteemed organizations such as KNCV Nigeria, Heart Land Alliance, and Nigeria NTP GF-funded projects. Learn More


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Point-of-Care Diagnostic Data Services:

Our innovative solutions empower healthcare professionals to make informed decisions regarding X-ray data reading and technology adoption, tailored to the unique needs of their country and healthcare system.

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Monitoring and Evaluation:

We implement comprehensive systems to facilitate a thorough understanding of multiple X-ray readings and reports, enabling stakeholders to identify areas for optimization and rapid improvements within the system.

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X-ray Connectivity Solutions:

Specializing in overcoming challenges related to manpower shortages and distance constraints, we offer state-of-the-art solutions for accessing X-ray data, particularly in regions where transmitting X-ray diagrams poses logistical challenges.

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At Instant Health, we are committed to driving positive change in healthcare delivery through advanced technology, strategic partnerships, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

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Our Targets

We Aim to

  • 01
    Enhanced Instrument Performance:

    Increase the number of X-Ray readings to optimize instrument performance, ensuring reliable and accurate diagnostic results.

  • 02
    Streamlined Communication Channels:

    Enable swift and thorough communication of X-ray diagnosis results among clinicians, healthcare facilities, including Mobile X-rays and referral sites, to accelerate patient care and decision-making.

  • 03
    Effective Electronic Reporting Systems:

    Establish and sustain a seamless electronic reporting system for tracking X-ray diagnosis/results at all facilities, improving data management and accessibility for healthcare providers.

  • 04
    Comprehensive Performance Monitoring:

    Develop a comprehensive dashboard to track instrument performance, displaying daily, weekly, and monthly results. Include a bar chart highlighting monthly requests, reports, and TB diagnostic outcomes for effective monitoring and improvement.


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